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Her Shawl Was Rn From Her Shoulders And She Rushed Back Into Room

By ‘mid February’ 1836, Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis had taken command of Texan forces in San Antonio. They I know it’s supposed, were asleep, and were run upon and bayonetted, for they gave no alarm that was heard, There were 2 picket guards without Fort.

He immediately fired his rifle.

First that Joe saw of it was Adjutant entrance Baugh, officer of the day the officer, into Travis’ quarters, who roused him with cry Mexicans have been coming. Travis sprung up, and seizing his rifle and sword, called to Joe to make his gun. He mounted the wall, and called out to his men Come on Boys, Mexicans are always upon us, and we’ll give them Hell. They were running at full speed with their scaling ladders, wards the Fort, and were under guns, and had their ladders against the wall before Garrison were aroused to resistance.

A Mexican woman deserted us one night, and going over to enemy informed them of our highly inferior numbers, that Col. Travis said made them confident of success and emboldened them to make final assault, that they did at earlier dawn on the 6th morning of March. And now here is a question. Don’t you understand your brother in law?’ I replied back.

Actually I am so excited and distressed that I scarcely understand anything.

He ld her to remain there and he would have her sent to President Santa Anna.

Don Manuel placed them in charge of a colored woman belonging to Colonel Bowie and the party reached Don house Angel Navarro in safety. Don’t you see they have been about to fire that cannon? Undoubtedly, He made her pass room out over a cannon standing nearby the door. Another officer came up and asked. Leave. What probably were you doing here? Ok, and now one of the most vital parts. President devil. Where is probably entrance to the fort? An officer ordered us to remain here and he will have us sent to President. They were moving when they heard a voice calling Sister. A Mexican officer appeared on scene., What were probably you doing here any how? Obviously, She replied. To my big relief Don Manuel Perez came to us. He excitedly inquired, How did you come here? He said. There he sat, unable to rise.

The fire was returned by a couple of shots, and Travis went down, wounded, within the wall, on the sloping ground that had a few weeks ago been thrown up to strengthen wall.

Joe, seeing his master fall, and the Mexicans coming over the wall and thinking with Falstaff that valor better part was probably discretion, ran, and ensconsed himself in a house, from the loop holes of which, he says, he fired on them a couple of times after they had come in.

Joe followed his example. Besides, he and my mother were sleeping gether in headquarters, on the previous night my father was not out. As a result, About two o’clock in morning there was a big shooting and firing at fort northwest corner, and I heard my mother say.

He got up and picked up his arms and went into fight.

My uncle ld me afterwards that Santa Anna gave him permission to get my father’s body and that he hound it where the fight thick had been.

I’m pretty sure I under no circumstances saw him once more. On Saturday night, March 5, the little Garrison had worked rough, in repairing and strengthening their position, until a late hour. The day and night previous to attack, the Mexican bombardment had been suspended. Mostly, when attack was made, that was merely before daybreak, sentinels and all were asleep, except day officer who was merely starting on his round.

The Garrison was much exhausted by ugh labour and incessant watching and fighting for thirteen months.

His grasp was broke and 4 or 6 bayonets plunged into his body and nearly as a lot of balls went through his lifeless corpse.

Hotly pursued by soldiers, seized her by the arm and endeavored to keep her between himself and his assailants, after this tragic event a youthful Mexican. The soldiers damaged open her trunk and ok her money and clothes, on p of this Colonel watch Travis and identical officers. On p of that, Under darkness cover they approached fortifications, and planting their scaling ladders against our walls just as light was approaching, they climbed to the ps of our walls and jumped down within, majority of them to immediate death. None of us children were touched, it was a miracle. Of course My mother’s children were near her. We could hear Mexican officers shouting to the men to jump over, and the men were fighting so close that we could hear them strike one another. It was so obscure that we couldn’t see anything, and the families that were in the quarters simply huddled up in corners. Decisively they began shooting through the murky into the room where we were.

Mexicans fired into the room for at least fifteen minutes. A boy who was wrapped in a blanket in one corner was hit and killed. Senorita Gertrudis opened door, she was greeted in offensive language by the soldiers. Know what guys, I have neither money nor husband. Firing approximated where she was and she realized the fact that the brave Texians had been overwhelmed by numbers. She thinks his name was Mitchell.

It is your money or your husband. About this time a sick man ran up to Mrs. You see, She replied. During this period Mrs. Nevertheless, She recommends her sister to move to the door and request Mexican soldiers not to fire into room, as it contained women usually. You should make it into account. While supposing he my be motherless, Alsbury was standing with her oneyearold son strained to her bosom.

Her shawl was rn from her shoulders and she rushed back into the room.

Soldiers bayoneted him at her side.

Soldiers hereafter demanded of Senorita Gertrudis. Alsbury and attempted to protect her. Furthermore, the struggle lasted more than 2 hours when my husband rushed into church where I was with my child, and exclaimed. Okay God, Sue, the Mexicans are inside our walls! Notice that save my child, So if they spare you. All was probably lost! He spoke to me a couple of times throughout the siege about his wife and 4 children with anxious tenderness. I replied Yes. Know what, I saw 5 Mexicans ss him up in sir with their bayonets, and shoot him. Said he, If you might want to save our existence, stick with me.